2009 - 2014

Technical and visual development of a complete solution for the Indian curry house 'Thali' in Viennas 2nd district.

Vektorraum created a corporate identity and implemented it in the webdesign and a great range of print products as well as the hand-painted interior design.

Furthermore a complete online order system was developed accompanied by an extensive back-end management software.

Website| Interior Gallery: 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6


2008 - 2009
Graphic Art, level design, textures and modelling
Red Bull X-Fighters | Yeti Sports Summer Games | Robby Rich Mobile

House Platanos

Design and realization of a private website for a summer domain on the greek island Crete.


Flexible open source resource management system in C#


2004 bis 2007
Realization of various projects in the scope of their education at Bitxtreme in the areas of software development and webapplications, as well as web and print design.
BitXtreme | Neuland | Donauturm | Ekazent


Development of an API for secure financial transactions.


Development - Design - Diversity

Vektorraum is an open collaborative project founded in 2009.
It serves as a cooperative plattform that operates in the areas of information and communication technologies as well as new media and visual arts. The goal is to offer a presentation space and allow free collaborations between the individuals or with other factions for the benefit of each contributor.

Fabian Valka

Fabian Valka

Fabian is an IT specialist and software developer.
With a degree in physics from the University of Vienna - Faculty of Physics.

Clemens Scott

Clemens Scott

Clemens is a self-employed freelance artist and illustrator with a disposition for video games and graffiti.
At the moment Clemens is not available for hire.



Fabian Valka
Währinger Straße 115/4
1180 Vienna

Tel.: +43 699 129 167 69

Imprint in German:

Mitglied der Wirtschaftskammer Wien


Gewerbebehörde: Magistratisches Bezirksamt des XVIII. Bezirkes

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